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Frequently Asked Questions...

Will "Calibrated Set of 3 Lil Killers White Rails for Strat" fit on a squire?

Also, will these give me a heavy metal/hard rock sound because these are like the only ones i can afford(60 dollars or under)?

Best Answer...


Hello there,

Fit? Yes with some work. They are not single coil size. Depending on your pickup cavities, you may have to enlarge the cavities. Many Squier Strats have a large rectangle cavity at both the bridge and neck position. So the middle pickup cavity is the likely problem. Some Squiers have a swimming pool route. In that case there is no fitting problem. No matter whether the cavities are large enough, you will have to enlarge the cut outs on the pickguard or buy a special pickguard from Guitar Fetish to accomodate them.

As for their tone, I do not know. I don't know anyone who uses pickups from Guitar Fetish. The mid and bridge pickup are higher gain. So that seems likely to have an acceptable tone. But, that is a guess based on the rating. I have never heard them, nor know anyone who has.

You might give some thought to converting your Strat to HSS. Leave the neck and mid pickups as they are for now. Use your money to get a DiMarizo humbucker. I know that pickup has a tone along the lines you want. You will have to swap out your pots also, no matter which way you go. The 3 single coils use 250K pots. With a humbucker, you need 500K pots. Get CTS, they are about as good as they come. About $6 each. The shafts are larger than the shafts on the stock Squier pots. So you will have to enlarge the holes slightly. However, you are going to need a different pickguard with the HSS. So buy one for an American Strat. Those have holes the size of CTS pots (American Fender comes with CTS pots). Seymour Duncan Distortion humbucker would be another good pickup to put in the bridge. Either is good. My first choice would be the DiMarizo. I would rather have one good pickup in the bridge position than 3 mediocre pickups. With hard rock and metal, I think the bridge pickup is the key one anyway.