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Frequently Asked Questions...

When playing a bass guitar..?

How do you know how to pluck the things for each song? or is it always the same?
I see bassists using mainly two fingers pointing down and plucking
is there any other techniques? does it affect the sound?
oh right, the heavy duty picks would be good

Best Answer...


It all depends on what you're playing. There's also slap-style bass:

where you use the side of your thumb to slap the string.

And some bassits (me included) use really heavy picks: (I use the 3mm Dark Purple ones)

While slap-style has a very distinct and different sound, finger-style and picking aren't as different. Finger style gives in a bit of a warmer sound and when the bass is prominent in a quieter track then you can hear the slight difference, but in the mix with a full band it's hard to differentiate between the two sounds.