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What Are The Best Acoustic Guitars?

By reading this article, I can assume that you are wanting to determine what companies are making the best acoustic guitars. While there might be a number of different brands floating around out there, few of them have truly established themselves as being among the greatest and best in the vast world of acoustic guitars.

There are no two guitar models that are exactly the same, and so you have to become familiar with the subtle differences that they all offer. These will vary by brands and models, so don't be afraid to try a number of them out before you decide on one model over another. I assure you that by testing them out first, you are more likely to get a great instrument.

Another thing that you are likely to learn when you go shopping is that there are a lot of different options and looks to a guitar that you might end up buying. Becoming familiar with your different options and styles will help you narrow your search down. You have to make choices like acoustic electric or just acoustic, cutaway or traditional, and a plethora of shapes.

One brand that you should look for as a solid brand to start your search, is Alvarez. These are available in a wide range of styles and types, and the price range is affordable for any level musician. So you should definitely get started by sampling the playing on one of these incredible instruments. An Alvarez acoustic guitar would make a great addition to any band or solo act.

Takamine is another brand you should be on the lookout for. You will learn by simply playing a Takamine acoustic guitar, the difference that you can hear and feel in the guitar itself. These are, for the most part, high end guitars with a considerable price tag. The thing to remember with guitars is, you really do get what you pay for.

The last on the list of acoustic guitar brands that you should check out are Taylor models. Taylor is one of the premier names in acoustics, and for a very good reason. To many, their sound and feel is unsurpassed. These are among the highest priced guitars that you are likely to find on average, but with a very good reason. They are also among the best guitars that you are likely to find.

Hopefully through reading this article, you were able to determine what models and brands of guitars are among the best when you go to get a nice dreadnought acoustic guitar. You see, while there might be variances in price and materials, all three of these companies make guitars that are considered to be the best.

B.o.B. Talks 'Hip-Hop Dance Experience,' New Mixtape, Working With Taylor Swift (Vibe)

he ATLien B.o.B. has landed. After taking his fans through the _Adventures of
Bobby Ray_ and _Strange Clouds_, the Grand Hustle signee is throwing his
middle fingers in the air on his upcoming mixtape _Fuck Em We Ball_. The newly
turned 24-year-old chopped it up with VIBE about working with Taylor Swift,
tackling new genres, dancing to his own songs on the new video game

_The Hip Hop Dance Experience,and more _

**VIBE: Congrats on being the only artist to place two tracks "So Good" and
"Airplanes" on the _The Hip Hop Dance Experience_. Have you tried dancing to
them in the video game?**

**B.o.B.: **I’ve tried to “So Good,” but haven’t to “Airplanes” yet. I
actually watched two of my dancers perform to “Airplanes."

**Were you able to get through it?**

I scored, let’s just say that.

**Does the game make it easy to follow along with or do you need Michael
Jackson skills?**

Nah, You don’t need to be a Michael Jackson or a Chris Brown to play this game
but I would say it really makes you feel like you’re in a music video, like
you're performing it for real. They really took the ...


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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why do people think that matt tuck is the lead guitar player of bullet for my valentine instead of pagdge?

and did anybody else see the picture of matt tuck in guitar world when they interviewed padge in the august 2009 issue?

Best Answer...


Because Matt and Padge both play solos

it depends on the song sometimes matt plays lead sometimes he doesn't

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